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Couples love having a marquee for their wedding, and what’s not to love? You have the flexibility to create your dream venue in a gorgeous location, and you’re not bound by a venue’s restrictions or preferred suppliers.

We’re not talking about a cheap looking white tent anymore; marquee suppliers have really upped their game and now you can have a luxury marquee wedding, with any budget, and create your dream venue.

Do you want to plan your own luxury marquee wedding? Here is where to start:


As a wedding planner, I always start with the budget. This should be your starting point when planning your wedding. What can you realistically spend on a marquee? There’s a huge range of marquees so you will be able to find one to suit your budget easily. But it’s good to have a price in mine when you start looking.

Need help putting together a budget? Check out our Wedmin PA service; we can put a budget together for you from £40.

Choose a venue

Where do you want your marquee to be? If you’re lucky enough to have a big enough garden, this could be at your home. Marquee suppliers are very considerate when on your property and they can set up with no damage to your home (or your lawn!). But for those of us with tiny gardens, we need to look a bit further afield. Some wedding venues offer marquee weddings in their grounds, but you can also check out local village greens, farms, private fields to rent. Check out these websites: and

Choose your marquee type

What is your style? Do you want a fully enclosed marquee? Or do you want one that is more open? How do you feel about a glass roof marquee? Consider what your style is, if you’re going for a more relaxed, boho wedding, then a tipi or a stretch tent would work the best for you. Also consider what time of year you’re getting married, if you’re going to need heating then you will need a fully enclosed marquee.

Find a company that will provide more

Before you choose your marquee supplier, make sure you know what else they offer. Look for a company that offers more than just a marquee. Can they provide furniture hire, draping, lighting, heating? Do they provide toilets or know a supplier that does? Always check for the extras, having everything hired in one place will make the planning process so much easier.

Find a stylist

All marquees can be made to look gorgeous. Most marquee suppliers will offer draping, star cloths and lighting as extras, but what about all the little finishing touches? You won’t have a venue coordinator who will dress the marquee for you, so you will need to consider either hiring a venue stylist or being prepared to do this yourself. Research marquee weddings on Pinterest and get some ideas of décor that you would like to emulate. A good venue stylist will come up with these ideas for you to match your theme and colour scheme, turning your marquee into a dream venue.

Hire a professional

Be aware that planning a marquee wedding is a lot more work than getting married in a venue. Unless your marquee is at a wedding venue, you won’t have a venue coordinator there to ensure the smooth running of the set up or the day. You will need to consider what will happen if there’s bad weather, where people will park, what will happen if the toilets break. This is your wedding day, and you shouldn’t be dealing with these problems. Most wedding planners will offer ‘On The Day’ coordination, and they will manage the setup of the marquee and will be on hand to manage the day (so you don’t have to). Consider this when planning your budget!

Wedding Elements offers On The Day Coordination from £800.