The cost of a wedding planner can vary depending on their location and level of experience. The extent of help you need also determines the price, but the good news is, Wedding Planners offer a variety of services so there’s an option for every budget!

Here’s how wedding planners charge for their services.

1. Full Wedding Planning

Full wedding planning is the signature service for all wedding planners. This involves planning every aspect of your wedding, from searching for your perfect venue to running your wedding day itself. The wedding planner will bring your vision to life, sharing ideas and tips to make your day truly magical. The cost of this service is usually around 12%-15% of your wedding budget subject to a minimum fee. This varies from planner to planner, depending on their experience.

My signature Full Planning service is 15% of your wedding budget with a minimum fee of £4200.


2. Partial Wedding Planning

Partial planning is a service for couples who have already planned elements of their wedding and need help with the rest, or if they only want help with planning certain aspects of their wedding.  This is a bespoke service depending on what aspects you need help with, this service would be less expensive than the full wedding planning.

Partial Planning in charged based on how many hours are required and the complexity of what is required, but usually starts from £1,900.


3. Wedding Coordination

Wedding coordination is a great option for couples who have done the majority of their wedding planning, the venue and vendors have been booked, but they need help managing the last few months. This is ideal if you have booked a dry hire venue, or if you are having a marquee wedding, as these tend to need a lot more management. My Final Preparations service is a 3 month coordination service, where I will manage those last few stressful months and your wedding day.

My Final Prepartions coordination service starts from £1,900.

4. On The Day Coordination

On the day coodination (also known as wedding day management) is the second most popular service of a wedding planner. This is where a planner will come in and manage your wedding day, look after all suppliers, handle any unexpected issues or problems, so that you can enjoy your wedding day without any worries.

My On The Day Coordination service starts from £800.


5. Remote ‘Wedmin’ PA

Wedding planners aren’t just for couples with big wedding budgets. More wedding planners are offering bespoke services for lower budget weddings.I recently launched my ‘Wedmin PA’ service, which is just like hiring your very own virtual assistant, but for weddings. This service is ideal for couples who are planning their own wedding, but need help and advice from an expert along the way. I offer a virtual assistant service with no contract or obligation, for an hourly rate. This isn’t a way to get cheaper ‘full planning’ for your wedding, and if you will need a lot of help with your panning, then this option could end up costing you more. But for couples who need a bit of help along the way, it’s ideal.

I charge an hourly rate of £40 per hour for remote planning assistance.

As well as considering how much a wedding planner costs, consider the time saving and expertise they can offer you. A good wedding planner will guide you through the planning process, ensuring you’re hiring the best suppliers, and that your wedding will be relaxed and stress free.  This is thanks to their expertise and knowledge of the wedding industry. They will also save you hours and hours of time planning your wedding – the value of this… priceless.

Take a look at my Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner blog post.

Before hiring a wedding planner, always check whether they take commision. Planners who take commission from suppliers will ultimately end up costing you more, as the suppliers will pass on those extra costs to you.

Wedding Elements never takes commision from any suppliers or venues, and always provides complete transparency with all costs to the client.

Read this excellent blog from UK Alliance of Wedding Planners on wedding planners accepting commision.

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